Tuesday, September 2, 2008

History: Flamingo's "Black", a.k.a. Flamingus Blackus

Every Black Flamingo builds a nest, or dies. It is in their nature to be secretive. Coincidentally they are midnight dwellers and feeders and their DNA suggests they would be burrowers rather than fliers had they evolved pink feathers rather that black ones. As shape shifters their daytime identities usually fit in a narrow band of semi aged 62 - 654 years old, male, caramel brown from far too many days spent under the Florida Gulf Coast sun, and artist by profession. If they have not begun to build a proper nest by this time and most likely during this time, then he fails to retain the ability to shape shift, becomes pale and transparent, and ultimately fades away.
I believe I have narrowly escaped the fate of all the previous black flamingos in history, and as a result I shall build my ultimate nest. Ultimate as I can afford.

It shall be windproof, bug proof, fungus proof, flood proof, hot and cold proof.
It must be of a uniquely utilitarian style with complex attention only in the hidden systems and exotic mixture of materials employed.